Application Process

How To Apply to Two Oceans leadership Academy

If you would like to apply at the Two Oceans Leadership Academy, download the Application form, complete it and drop it off at the school premises or email it to the school. Please ensure that all information has been completed and that all the relevant documentation have been added.

We look at every single applicant’s application, academic and personal, to select students who suit to our community.

Academic Excellence

We have well trained Educators shaping our leaders through the application of subject knowledge and skills development training instead of memorization and regurgitation.

Community Schools

We are a part of a vision that brings independent schools to low income home communities.

Subject Specialization

School grades ranging from Pre-Montessori to Further Education and Training with an emphasis on Science, Math and Language.

TOLA campus lifestyle

TOLA follows strict Covid-19 protocols by dividing schedules of breaks between classes, and keeping a 1M distance between leaders during class times. We also mask up all day!

The Application Process


Downloading the PDF

Click on the Application form PDF and download the Application form. Ensure you download all the pages in the PDF.


Fill out the Form

Fill out the application form in either black or blue ink. Do not alternate between colours.


Review your application

Check and re-check the application form to ensure you have filled all the sections out completely.


Gather necessary documents

Follow the checklist on top of the Student Application form for all documents to be submitted.

These documents are:

  1. Latest report card of pupil
  2. Proof of Address (utility bill)
  3. CEMIS transfer document (where applicable)
  4. Certified copy of Birth Certificate
  5. Certified copies of Identity Document of Both Parents
  6. Proof of Application Fee Payment

Once you have compiled your documents ensure you have:

  1. Signed the Conditions of Application
  2. Signed the General Indemnity 

Interviewing Process

Prospective leaders and their parents will be subjected to an interview as well as a learner based assessment. This leads to a provisional acceptance.


Final Decision

A final acceptance will be dependent on academic qualifications, availability and at the discretion of the parent. The child will be officially accepted into the Two Oceans Leadership Academy once the:

  1. Registration FEE
  2. First month FEE
  3. Textbook Levy

Has been paid to the institution.

Things To Know First

All prospective students, whether you are transferred or starting from the lowest grade have to undergo the same admissions procedure as one another. While considering Two Oceans Leadership Academy for your child, do note the following:

  • The Application and Registration fee is non-refundable.
  • All leaders and Parents must read and sign the schools Code of Conduct upon admission.
  • Needed financial information must be disclosed to the schools bursar.

When To Apply?

  Application Deadline  
Application Submission January 2nd week-Term End  
Review and Interview Process April-Term End  
Approval and Admission September  


Two Oceans Leadership Academy accepts application forms throughout the academic year, but placement is entirely subjected to merit, leader space and first time basis applicants.

These deadlines are applicable for the year before admission (e.g. September 2021 is final approval for 2022 submissions)