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Visual Arts, Speech and Drama

“Ensuring there is an array of options after secondary education for our leaders is a priority. We need to establish effective diversification for them at campus so they may carry everything they’ve learnt here at TOLA with them wherever they go afterwards,” Headmaster.

Welcome to the Two Oceans Leadership Academy Arts Page and enjoy your experience through understanding what makes our school different to our competitors.

The Two Oceans Leadership Academy offers a Visual Arts, speech and Drama programme available to all its leaders on campus. We have 2 qualified and capable Educators ensuring the maximum arts learning experience from 8am to 3pm each day of the week. Let’s look at the faculty breakdown and offering:

  • This faculty showcases various forms of visual art which includes free hand drawings, sustainable art pieces (art using recyclables), brush strokes and painting techniques, art literature (famous artists and their work) and multimedia art.
  • The drama sector focuses on acting, voice training, speech eloquence and technique. To build the confidence required to perform in a drama on stage the visual arts educator plans performances with relevance to socio economic issues and showcases them at assemblies held on campus every week.
  • In order to complete a task in everyday life, we have to be able to speak with articulacy and project confidently, this is why the Two Oceans Leadership Academy emphasises the speech training at a foundation level. Our Visual arts, speech and drama Montessori educator has the capabilities to develop this skill within our leaders aged 3-6(before entering into the foundation phase.

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