Antoinette Mama

Antoinette Mama

Intermediate Phase Educator

This Educators loyalty for the community of the CAFDA and Grassy Park area shows in her commitment to the leaders of our institution. With a broad portfolio and with excellent capabilities in her advisory roles, Ms Mama believes the school can become a real beacon of academic distinction within a stifled community.

Intermediate Phase

Our intermediate (grade 4-6) phase educators like Ms Antoinette Mama, will introduce and teach with a more technical and academic skills focus. Our leaders are taught how to use their previous knowledge to learn new concepts. They are encouraged to work independently and develop their skills while still being guided by the educator to demonstrate and instruct them.

Our Leaders are developed in the areas of:

  • Time management/Goal Setting
  • Study/Revision timetables and Calendars
  • Advanced assessments.

Head of Intermediate Phase Department

This is the position that requires Ms Mama’s guidance to the educators as well. She must ensure that the educators are completing their admin on time and that the educators teaching are being supported.