Kashifa Khan

Kashifa Khan

Montessori Directress

Ms Kashifa is one of our Montessori Directresses and is usually the first class educator a leader has (if they start their journey with TOLA from age 3, 4 or 5). She is firm and diligent in her administration for every leader and very kind and loving to her ‘children’. Ms Khan’s passion for what she does at TOLA shows through the warm smiles on the faces of our Montessori leaders.

At the Two Oceans Leadership Academy we provide Montessori based pre-foundation phase classes that provides a prepared environment characterized as:

  • Tidy/visually appealing
  • Simple and real

Each element integrates children of mixed ages that are grouped and taught throughout the course of three years.

Our Montessori class educators like Ms Kashifa Khan, work to promote natural socialization, respect and solidarity amongst our leader.