Kulthum Amlay

Kulthum Amla

Learner Support/Islamic Studies

Educator, Ms Kulsum is devoted to the growth and progress of leaders who need a little bit of extra academic support. She is one of the learner support educators for the lower phase of the school structure, as well as the administrator of the learner based assessments conducted throughout the application to join TOLA process. Ms Amlay is also the girls’ Islamic studies educator.

Learner Support

The Two Oceans Leadership Academy offers intervention programmes for all their leaders from the Montessori grade to the senior phase. These interventions are supplementary to the general curriculum as they facilitate the gaps in the leaders’ skills development, such as motor functions. Our intervention educators like Ms Kulthum Amlay, is heavily involved in:

  • Determining appropriate interventions
  • Support with core curriculum
  • Collaboration and problem solving
  • Instructional delivery
  • Determining Emotional Factors for intervention
  • Giving proper methods to ensure the growth of a leader

Islamic Studies

Our Programme focuses solely on the general knowledge of deen (religion) and its methodology on how to teach its subject contents. The Two Oceans Leadership Academy Islamic Studies educator ENTER EDUCATORS NAME HERE, will follow a structured curriculum to teach:

  • How to read Qur’an and Surah with Tajweed (correct pronunciation of words/letters)
  • How to make Salaah (positions and recitations)
  • Fiqh ( Basic Kalima/Dua/practical obligatory practices)