Saliegh Richards

Saliegh Richards


Mr Richards teach Life skills, History and Geography to leaders from the Intermediate Phase. His dedication to his students are evident in the readiness he portrays to his colleagues when they need his help or support. He also teaches Physical Education.

Intermediate Phase

Our intermediate (grade 4-6) phase educators like Mr Saliegh Richards, will introduce and teach with a more technical and academic skills focus. Our leaders are taught how to use their previous knowledge to learn new concepts. They are encouraged to work independently and develop their skills while still being guided by the educator to teach and instruct them.

Our Leaders are developed in the areas of:

  • Time management/Goal Setting
  • Study/Revision timetables and Calendars
  • Advanced assessments.

Physical Education

Even though Physical Education is not practiced as intensely at the moment due to the covid-19 pandemic, our leaders are still given the lessons to develop their competence and confidence to take part in physical activities inside as well as outside of the school arena.

Once this is achieved, the Physical education programme will successfully work at developing their bodies’ psychomotor abilities through sport and play. Our PE educator/trainer Mr Saliegh Richards focuses on the core development areas such as:

  • Physical Development /Body fitness
  • Mental Endurance/Meditation
  • Social Confidence /Body Positivity
  • Emotional Reliance/Good sportsmanship