Sieraaj Majiet

Sieraaj Majiet

Business studies, Accounting and Economics and Mangement Sciences.

Even though it is difficult to teach and develop the leaders of the higher classes because of other factors impacting their lives (such as peer pressure, identity development and self-confidence), Mr Majiet still manages to produce good leaders within his subject faculty.

Senior Phase

Our FET phase leaders are being prepared for the move from School to University/college as our educators work to successfully guide leaders into their choice of studies at tertiary level. We are also aware of FET and TVET colleges that might become an option for our leaders when they reach grade 9. This is all encompassing of what we offer in our senior phase. We have the obligation to provide quality education to our leaders so they may be able to take their education further whichever way they feel.

Further Education and Training

Our grade 10-12 leaders will be assisted as well as directed through their academic merit (for tertiary level entrance) and what career path they have chosen relevant to their subject choice. This is a very crucial part of the schooling career of our leaders as we want all of them to become successful practitioners in the world of work one day. Our educators like Mr Sieraaj Majiet, teach the core knowledge of mathematics to enhance their Economics and Management Sciences skillset, overall passion and drive for academics.