Yusuf Salie


Yusuf Salie


Each institution should be fully overseen by a principal or headmaster. Ours is a graduate of the University of the Western Cape Psychology Faculty as well as a PGCE holder who has been accredited as a Counsellor with the PsySSA. His passion and commitment to the upliftment of leaders in education is one of the reasons why our institution is set aside from all our competitors around us.

Our diligently dedicated headmaster Mr Yusuf Salie believes that the Two Oceans Leadership Academy owes its success to not only the academic excellence of each leader but rather more importantly the decisions that our young leaders make in their everyday lives. He envisions each leader feeling comfortable enough to make mistakes but to be able to take responsibility for them.

“We need to teach our leaders that their current circumstances whether good or bad does not determine their trajectory for their future, but rather that through their positive self-development will they learn to support each other through interdependent relationships needed for the world.” He said.

With this said Headmaster Salie also believes in independence and uniqueness.

A headmaster is there to enhance the code of conduct in each and every leader and parent that signed it. Two Oceans Leadership Academy’s headmaster ensures the safety, the academic progress as well as the Psyco-social development of its leaders and beyond.