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The Technology faculty’s computer lab is currently only available to leaders from grade 6 and above, and its Music class is available to leaders on the campus (as prescribed by the Headmaster).

The Two Oceans Leadership Academy realises the obligation to enrich our leaders in the digitized sphere and therefore embarked on adding basic sound engineering and upgrading computer labs to our school. Welcome to the Technology faculty.

The world has gone into a technological stage of development. We are being made more aware of computer capabilities (when being operated expertly), Digital importance from social platforms to zoom meetings and the importance of being technologically savvy with software and applications readily available on our phones and desktop computers. Our faculty includes:

  • The basics of Sound Engineering is taught in the Music class where they experience setting up equipment for assemblies and in class practice sessions. They use amplifiers, speakers, microphones and equalizers.
  • Our 15 computers have been made available for leaders to utilize during their school day with supervision from their educators. We have given them moderated access to the internet to use for online competitions and research, video watching for work purposes and visual education as well as familiarising them with the components of a computer.

This is not where we will end our induction of the technology at the school because a digitized world is ever changing and it is our duty as a school and faculty to continue to develop the mind of the leader over the development of time.

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